Thursday, October 25, 2012
10/25/2012 02:18:00 PM

Fable: The Journey

Fable: The Journey is the newest installment in the Fable franchise.


Take on the role of Gabriel and defend Albion from the dark Corruption in this legendary story full of Fable's famously wry humor. Fable: The Journey immerses you in a role-playing experience with a slew of familiar faces and foes. In this action-packed adventure you'll develop a lasting bond with your horse through an emotion-filled journey.

Publisher : Microsoft Game Studios
Developer : Lionhead Studios
Genre : Role-Playing
Plaform : Xbox 360 with Kinect
Release Date : Oct 9, 2012


Intan Norhaida said...

used to really love playing games..but not anymore....:)

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